Meet The Artist: Helen Lary

Inspired by travel and all things beautiful, Helen paints with a modern, bohemian style. She is a self taught painter and her love for tastefully bold colors mixed with delicate stroke work reflects her personal design aesthetic. Relaxed, organic, stylish with bursts of color. 

Although much of her work is in acrylic, she continues to integrate mixed media, oil pastels, pastels, and charcoal, finding new ways to bring even more texture and movement to her work. 

She and her husband, both Baylor University graduates, live in Dallas, TX. They have three children.

I couldn't be more excited to share her work with you all. I sat down with Helen to learn all about how she began her career as an artist and where she draws inspiration from. Read her short Q&A below!


Credit: Helen Lary
Q: Can you tell us a little about yourself and how your career as an artist began?
A: I have always been drawn to the creative side of things, but I didn’t find my love for painting until my husband and I bought our first home. I decided to paint something for our empty walls and then I couldn’t put the paintbrush down!
Q: Where are you based?
A: I am based in Dallas, TX, but I work with clients and designers all over the US.
Credit: Helen Lary
Q:  Where do you draw inspiration from?
A: I draw a lot of inspiration from my travels and beautiful interior design.
Q:  Tell us about the style in which you paint and the materials you use?
A: I would say my overall style is colorful, abstract and whimsical. I like to switch between a few different styles, like landscapes and bolder pieces, to keep it fun. And I mainly paint with acrylics and oil pastels on canvas and cold pressed watercolor paper.
Credit: Helen Lary
Q: We love your landscapes and abstract pieces. Do you have a favorite to paint?
A: My go to is definitely abstracts, but I never know where an abstract piece will take me when I start and a lot have been ending up as landscapes recently!
Q: What are your favorite originals from this exclusive collection?
A: I love a good shelfie! All the canvas pieces will add color and interest to any shelving, table or wall. They are a super versatile piece of decor!
Credit: Helen Lary
Q: As a mother of three young children, how do you find time to paint and be a mom?
A: Time management is definitely hard for me. I used to get so locked into painting that I would lose track of time and forget to cook dinner!Whoops!  But now that all my kids are in school I try to paint during the day so I can devote my time with them when they get home from school.
Q: When you're not painting, what will we find you doing?
A: When I am not painting or an Uber driver for my 3 kids, you’ll find me at a hot pilates class, playing tennis or enjoying a game of mahjong with a cold glass of sparkling rosé!