Behind The Brand: Tara Roma

Introducing our newest collection by watercolor artist & designer of things, Tara Roma! Perfectly polished and a little quirky, these hand-made heart pillows and adorable stuffed animals add instant charm and style to any space!
HH: We’re so thrilled to have you on the blog today! To get started, can you tell us a little about Tara Roma and what inspired you to start the brand?
TR: My business was actually started by accident. In late 2019, I was inspired to try watercolor. I decided to mix a few of my favorite things, flowers, textiles and color. I painted my first still life,  posted it on instagram and a friend of mine messaged me asking me if she could purchase it. When covid happened and we were all at home, I began painting a still life every day and posted it on instagram. Each time I posted, someone would message me asking to purchase it. I continued painting and posting and so many lovely people bought them and shared them on instagram. And thus my business was born. In 2021 I painted my first series that wasn’t a floral still life, which then opened the flood gates of imagination to explore making not only original art, but also other products. And what a beautiful and crazy ride it’s been!
HH: Where are you based?
TR: A little bit of a gypsy at the moment. I currently find myself between Texas and NY.
HH: One of our favorite characteristics about your product is the exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Can you tell us a bit more about the process and how your pieces are made?
TR: The practice of “showing up” everyday to create is something I pride myself on. Creativity isn’t something that can be forced or rushed. Some days don’t produce gems and some do. But committing to the practice of challenging myself every day to become a better artist and designer to create beautiful things for people is something that I pride myself on. 
HH: What is it about your designs that make them so special?
TR: It’s like a recipe. A little whimsy mixed, great attention to detail, timeless deigns and a celebration of “happy accidents”. I would hope that when people think of my brand, they would see the sparkle that comes from truly taking so much joy in creating!
HH: When you're not working on new designs, what might we find you doing?
TR: This is actually a tough question for me to answer because the activities I used to do in my free time have become my career! So I feel like when I want to relax, I somehow end up working any way. I also have six children, soooo I don’t really ever feel like I have free time. But when I do, I LOVE searching for beautiful antiques. Currently trying to cut myself off from buying any more floral painted storage pieces. And trying to become the woman with an extensive stationary collection who writes letters daily at her writing desk.
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