Behind The Brand: D'Ascoli

We are incredibly excited to offer D'Ascoli and their unique pieces at Hummingbird Home & Co.! We sat down with Peter D'Ascoli to learn more about what lies behind the brand. From his experience in the fashion industry and where he seeks inspiration, to the mixing of ancient and modern techniques, we have it all here for you to explore. 
HH: To get started, can you tell us a little about D’Ascoli and what inspired you to start the brand?
PD: After working in textiles and fashion for 25 years in Manhattan I launched the Talianna Studio because of my deep love of Indian culture, my many friends in Delhi, and the development of Globalization that has shrunk the world and swept textile production out of the U.S. I visited as a student thirty years ago and have never recovered from the shock and awe I experienced when confronted with Indian handcrafted textiles.
Credit: Peter D'Ascoli
HH: Where are you based?
PD: I live in South Delhi with my wife and daughter and travel each day to the atelier on an enchanting road through dense forest to nearby Faridabad where we have a design studio and workshops for printing, embroidery, and sewing.
HH: One of our favorite characteristics about your product is the exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Can you tell us a bit more about the process and how your pieces are made?
PD: One of the glories of India is her abundance of ancient craft traditions that survive from ancient times to our present day. Nowhere else in the world could I have access to hand spun, hand woven cotton at the scale available here. These fabrics are made in villages and represent an eco-friendly, sustainable supply of fabrics that, when combined with our in-house design studio, block printing, and hand embroidery, gives us an outstanding platform where we create and make our products.
Credit: Peter D'Ascoli
HH: What is it about your designs that make them so special?
PD: I believe that our products are special because of our unique blending of cultures – my New York upbringing combined with our talented Indian artisans. We mix ancient and modern techniques resulting in unique pieces never seen before..
HH: When you're not working on designing for D’Ascoli, what might we find you doing?
PD: I grew up sailing and surfing and am sometimes astonished that I now live in landlocked North India; but I still swim nearly every day in my swimming pool. When I am not working or swimming you can find me reading or daydreaming at home with my family.
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